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             A suburb of Kingsburgh, Warner Beach is located   Bordered by Warner Beach to the north and the
             to  the  south  of  Amanzimtoti  and  the  Little  Manz-  Lovu  River  to  the  south,  the  seaside  village  of
             imtoti  River.  Established  as  a  residential  area  for   Winklespruit is situated on a hilltop amidst leafy
             state pensioners a little over a century ago, today   indigenous  greenery.  From  this  vantage  point
             it enjoys a homely, laid-back atmosphere and is well   there are expansive views up and down the coast,
             known for its lovely shoreline, sandy beaches and   while  the  beach  below  offers  protected  bathing
             great surf as well as swimming spots.   areas and good surfing opportunities.
             There  are  a  variety  of  holiday  flats,  B&Bs  and  a   Illovo Beach lies on the southern bank of the Lovu
             backpacker’s lodge, as well as shops, restaurants   River, which lends its name to this little coastal
             and takeaways. The main beach, known as ‘Bag-  resort. It has pleasant beaches, which attract sun-
             gies’,  boasts  superb  surf  conditions,  with  other   bathers  and  fishermen  alike,  and  holidaymakers
             drawcards  including  a  natural  tidal  pool,  shark
             nets,  and  lifeguards  during  the  summer  months.   can choose from various accommodation options,
             Warner Beach has produced many top-rated surf-  including a caravan park. From here, Durban is just
             ers, and is the home of the Baggies Surf Pro.  a 30-minute drive away via the N2 freeway.

                                          TOURISM  INFO:
                                          039 312 2322


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