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                               highly-rated diving spot is that of Protea Banks off the Shelly
                               Beach coastline.

                               The South Coast is also the location of an amazing natural
                               phenomenon known as the ‘sardine run’, which takes place
                               from May through July every year when billions of sardines
                               (Southern African pilchards) spawn and head up the east coast
                               of Africa. Preyed upon by the pursuing pods of dolphins, as
                               well as sharks, seals, game fish and seabirds, these tiny fish
                               are sometimes driven into shallow waters along the shoreline
                               where they provide rich pickings for the locals, who scoop
                               them up by the bucketful!

                               Land-based activities include mountain-biking, horse-riding,
                               quad or dirt biking, abseiling and gorge-swinging in the
                               Oribi Gorge, or hiking through one of the hinterland’s nature
                               reserves. Golf is also a favourite, with this region showcasing
                               11 golf courses in beautiful natural surroundings. Alternatively,
                               you could have some fun at an amusement park, learn about
                               different types of reptiles at the crocodile farm, pay a visit
                               to the butterfly dome, sample a cup of locally grown and
                               harvested coffee at a coffee estate, explore a banana planta-
                               tion or enjoy an art gallery or a curio outlet selling handmade
                               beadwork, pottery and basketry. History buffs might prefer
                               the Port Shepstone Maritime Museum or a visit to one of
                               the coastline’s many lighthouses, such as Port Shepstone
                               Lighthouse, North Sand Bluff at Port Edward or Green Point
                               Lighthouse near Umkomaas.

                               about the south coast

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