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                               ing environmental standards, amenities, cleanliness and safety
                               features. Globally, the Blue Flag programme is coordinated by
                               the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), while the
                               Wildlife and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA)
                               manages the programme on a national level, together with par-
                               ticipating local authorities. Currently, every coastal municipality
                               in KZN is involved in the Blue Flag programme.

                               Water sports such as surfing are hugely popular along the
                               South Coast, with the waves off St Michael’s providing some
                               excellent point-breaks. Other pursuits number waterparks and
                               super-tubes, deep-sea fishing, dolphin and whale watching, and
                               cage diving with sharks, while jet-skiing, kayaking and rafting
                               are undertaken on the larger rivers and estuaries. Spectacu-
                               lar diving opportunities can be explored at the Aliwal Shoal,
                               a large reefs on the coastline which shelters a prolific and
                               diverse marine ecosystem comprising corals, sponges and
                               more than 1 200 species of fish, including ragged-tooth, ham-
                               merhead and Zambezi sharks. Divers can also investigate the
                               wrecks of two ships which sunk in these waters. Yet another

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