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                                                                   Accreditation / Registration
                                                                        MICT SETA No: ACC2007/00/167
                                                                            SASSETA: ACC 0300548
                                                     )                      SAPS: 86/78 2008 Security
                                 TRAINING CENTRE                             SAPS 400723 Training
                                 SECURITY DIVISION                           Psira Reg No: 1310993
                                 SHOOTING RANGE                 SABS Approved Shooting Range NCRS: AZC2011/025
                                  CCTV CAMERAS
                         . IT
                         • ICDL
                         . BASIC COMPUTER
                         • COMPUTERISE CASHIER COURSE
                         . HIV/AIDS COUNSELLING-PM-T-C-T
                         • ARV's TREATMENT LITERACY
                         . SECURITY GRADES (E-A)
                         . RPL FOR GRADES (E-A)

                          Simplifying,  Security, IT and Computer Training                 Ladysmith Office
                                                   And                                     31B Keate Street
                                          HIV/AIDS Counselling                           Next to Home Affairs

                                                                                   I An
                                                                                         036 6378 201
                            083 535 9667 	 036 6378 201/2

                     TLIE LAPyomiTLI ci_looimbLiz Of

                              COMMERCE INPUOTIZY

                                                 The Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce & Industry has been in existence for over
                                                                                 52 years.
                                                  Now, more than ever before, we believe that if Ladysmith and the Region are to
                                                   properly attract sound investment and deliver Economic growth, it is essential
                                                    that we focus our attention on those issues which will prevent erosion and
                                                                  promote commercial and industrial activity.

                                                     In 2014 this Chamber recommitted itself to work on programmes that will
                                                 encourage and foster improved communications with various stakeholders, and
                                                  we will become actively involved in decision making processes that impact on
                                                              the welfare of businesses in our town and the region.

                                             This is your Town, your Region and most importantly your
                                                We appeal to you all to contribute to our collective
                                             business well-being by supporting the Chamber and the        CHAMBER OF
                                                          work we do on your behalf.                      AND INDUSTRY
                                                    We assure you we will do our best for you.
            33 Francis Road
            PO Box 7, Ladysmith                Tel +27-36-631 0541 • Fax 086 515 8989
            KwaZulu-Natal 3370
            South Africa                          E-mail:
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