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Visit our info centres at:
                                                                               Nelspruit Crossings
                                                                            Casterbridge White River


               E 	1J 1 T

         11/ WH1T,E RIVER
            cartal nature

                               +27 (0)11.755 1988,:-r+27 (0)13 750-1073
                              krugerlowvela:com -

                     Information I Maps I Itinerary Planning I All reservations
               SA National Parks bookings I Specialists in Kruger National Park

          A WORLD-CLASS INFORMATION OFFICE                     • Non-fictional books published by local writers are for
          The Kruger Lowveld information office in the heart of   sale at the centre
          Nelspruit (Mbombela), surprises every first time visitor   • Area and town maps, many are free and some for
          to the centre. Whether they come from any of the first   sale at nominal amounts
          world countries or any of our great South African cities,   • Lots of free maps, brochures, guide books and even
          most visitors will comment on the wealth of information   magazines
          and services offered by the visitor information centre   • Free tourist information and maps on the Kruger
          at Crossing Centre, Nelspruit (Mbombela). This,      Lowveld region
          combined with a warm and friendly ambience and
          efficient service of the staff, inspires phrases like “world   EXTENDED OFFICE HOURS FOR CONVENIENCE
          class”.                                              The main centre is open at convenient times for
                                                               travellers and at departure times of the shuttle buses
          A ONE-STOP TRAVEL CENTRE                             leaving from Crossing Centre, Nelspruit:
          At the centre a visitor can literally make any       Weekdays:          07h00 - 18h00
          reservation, buy any ticket, get any information on the   Saturdays:    08h00 - 13h30
          Kruger Lowveld region, and leave their luggage to go   Most public holidays:  08h00 - 12h00
          shopping while waiting for any of the five shuttle buses   Sundays: Closed, but you can visit any of their satellite
          departing from the Crossing Centre.                  offices at: Riverside Mall, Nelspruit and Casterbridge
          • Reservations for the SA National Parks including   Centre, White River
          Kruger National Park
          • Reservations for any accommodation in the Kruger   CONTACT DETAILS
          Lowveld region                                       It will be to your advantage to pop into the centre as
          • Reservations and information on tours and activities   soon as possible after arriving in the Kruger Lowveld
          in the region                                        to make the most of your trip, or even better to call or
          • Shuttle services between Lowveld and Gauteng       e-mail in advance for advice:
          • Shuttle services between Lowveld and Mozambique
          • Tailor-made itineraries and packages for Kruger    TEL: 013 755 1988
          Lowveld                                              E-MAIL:
          • Computicket - no long queues here                  WEBSITE:
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